In the meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Board, it was decided that Congress is declaring Rahul Gandhi the candidate for PM post for 2019. There will be no compromise on this.

In this connection, Mayawati’s party BSP has announced that it will be the candidate for the post of Mayawati for the year 2019.

Similarly, Mamata Banerjee has also declared that her TMC will contest all the Lok Sabha seats in Bengal, which means that it is not acceptable to be the Prime Minister of Rahul Gandhi too.

Similarly, other regional parties like TDP, TRS, BJD etc. have not accepted Rahul Gandhi’s leadership.

Some other parties in which the main Sharad Pawar’s party and Kumar Swamy’s JDS and other minor parties, the parties of the Muslim League Sharad Yadav, are just a bit agreeable in favor of Rahul Gandhi.

The fake notes are being printed, we have been listening to it, but we are now seeing that being a Hindu Hindu polynomial, a Hindu anti-Hindu leader is becoming a Shiva devotee and someone is going to surrender to Rama.

Not only this, some Hindutva leaders are also involved in this illusion trap, with these fake polygamy, Jainous devotees, Ramayana organizers, Brahmins, meet people.

Today Shivsena is telling the BJP the Fake Hindutva plaintiff and the fake polymorphs written above are going to surrender to the Hindus’ party.

Rahul Gandhi was seeking sitting in the carriage of non-confidence motion brought by Telugu Desam Party, that in Parliament it appears that he is on behalf of the opposition candidate for the post of PM.

It was proved by the debate in the Parliament and non-voting in favor of TRS and BJD and Shiv Sena in favor of non-confidence motion that it was not for the floor test Modi government, but for the acceptance or rejection of Rahul Gandhi’s possible prime ministerial candidate of the Congress. Was there.

Modi’s book on claim:

However, the claim of Rahul Gandhi has always been taken by the BJP. On 21 July, PM Narendra Modi had held a rally in Shahjahanpur. In the rally, he had said that every corner of the country has faith in Modi, but some people are very quick to reach the chair of PM. PM Modi also showed similar debates in the Lok Sabha during the discussion on non-confidence motion. PM Modi said, “It is being said that if Congress becomes the largest party in 2019, then I (Rahul Gandhi) will be the Prime Minister, but there are many wishes of others, what will happen to them? It is a confusion about this. There is no floor test of the government. There is a test of the so-called associates of Congress, I will be the Prime Minister, this dream is a floor test. ”

Congress party sources have come to know that Kerala Congress, along with the newly formed party of Rajdaya, JDS, National Lok Dal, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Indian Union Muslim League, NCP and Sharad Yadav, Rahul Gandhi liked it.

Apart from this, the NDA constituent Shiv Sena also feels that Rahul Gandhi can be a better prime minister. The party had recently said that Rahul Gandhi has now become a mature politician. The Aam Aadmi Party has also indicated that it can support Rahul Gandhi to stop BJP.

However, Mamata Banerjee’s party TMC, Mayawati’s BSP, Sitaram Yechury’s CPI (M) and Akhilesh’s SP have not said anything about this issue yet. In such a situation, political experts believe that these parties are opposing Rahul’s candidature. Remind you that during the Karnataka elections when Rahul Gandhi was asked if he could become Prime Minister in 2019, he had said why not.

However, during the monsoon session when the motion of motion was presented, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that Rahul Gandhi was too early to be the Prime Minister. He came to raise me from this chair. They do not know that 125 crore people have been sitting in this place and they can pick me up from here.

In the monsoon session, after his 15-minute speech given by Rahul Gandhi, his image was seen to improve. The benefit of which is visible in Congress posters. Congress has written in its posters that not by hatred, will win by love. This caption has also been used to photograph Rahul Gandhi’s PM Modi.

Congress has already made it clear that our decision is accurate, flat and clear that Rahul Gandhi is our face. We will go among the people under his leadership. When we are the largest party, then Naturally Rahul will be the face.

Uttar Pradesh: In the alliance, where the Congress, the SP leader’s statement has stirred up the issue.

There is a crack in front of the 2019 election in the great coalition, which is being formed against PM Modi. In the first CWC meeting chaired by Rahul Gandhi, the responsibility of the coalition was shared with the same ideologue parties. Just a day after Monday’s SP leader and former Rajya Sabha MP Javed Ali Khan, in 2019, in the UP, the Congress refused to cooperate with the alliance and created a stir in political corridors. Javed Ali Khan, the leader of the Samajwadi Party and former Rajya Sabha member, said that we are a regional party and we will do anything to make the penetration in our state. But we have not yet made any strategy to go to the national level.

The CPI says: The government will form the Center on the Karnataka Formula.

After the Samajwadi Party, Nationalist Congress Party, the CPI