After considering some of today’s news related to SP-BSP, we can reveal the possibility that the maya has overthrown Rahul Gandhi on behalf of the Opposition in the race for the prime minister’s post. Akhilesh has already kneeled.
Today, in Rahul Jhansi, Rahul said the young brigade of the SP will be shocked by the false promises of BJP. This implies that Rahul and his Congress are now zero in Uttar Pradesh. The nephew Akhilesh has already been bowed before Bua Mayawati.
Today the BSP has made big bets. In 2019, the party has taken the resolution to make Mayawati a PM.
On Monday, there was a meeting of co-ordinators and senior workers in Lucknow, in which Mayawati’s name was kept under the single-point agenda, it was clearly stated that after the 2019 general elections, Mayawati is to be the Prime Minister of the country. This is the first time that thousands of workers gathered in Lucknow’s largest auditorium Indira Gandhi Foundation, but Mayawati was not on the stage.
This made it clear that Mayawati could not compromise with Rahul Gandhi in any way for the post of Prime Minister. If the BSP will get the support of the Congress, as it is being seen in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, it will impose its condition on Congress. Even if they do not disclose this condition in the media.
Right now Rahul Gandhi is desperate from the Congress, Madhya Pradesh and other provinces in the Congress that is going on in the heat and poster. This is the reason that in the manner in which the announcement of the Prime Minister’s post in the US during Karnataka assembly elections and now he is quiet. On the contrary, BSP has turned the tables for making Maya a candidate for the post of prime minister.
During the UPA regime, a banner in the stage at a Congress program was a picture of Robert Vadra, besides Manmohan Singh.
This was the story of Gandhi Vadra family. Prior to this, Robert Vadra had once said that whatever he is, he is not due to Priyanka Gandhi, because of his ability and ability.
Prior to Uttar Pradesh, there was a poster war between the supporters of Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Today’s news is that poster war between Jyotiraditya Scindia and Kamal Nath supporters has started.
There is a poster on the Facebook page of the Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress Idea Forum, on which Kamal Nath has been asked to make the next Chief Minister of the state. This poster has written ‘Rahul Bhaiya’s message, Kamal Nath Sahela Territory’.
Right now, there is a poster on Facebook about Scindia. In the poster, Scindia has been projected as the Chief Minister’s candidate and has written, “The next Chief Minister will bring a storm of development in Madhya Pradesh”. This poster of Scindia has been posted on the Facebook page of ‘Shrimant Scindia Fan Club’. It is written on this poster: ‘There will be a storm of development in the country, Scindia in the state, Rahul Gandhi in the center’.
Today’s news in Loksakti’s first page is the news: The accusation of harassing the CM Swamy, imposed by the former Assembly Speaker, in the Karnataka Congress. This is also the situation of Rajasthan.
It seems that until the coming assembly elections, at least Rahul Gandhi will remain silent on the issue of PM candidate and SP will continue to bounce to present Maya as a PM candidate.