BENGALURU: Congress MLA B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan on Friday claimed that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) searches on properties linked to him was relating to his newly constructed house in the city and had nothing to do with the alleged Rs 4,000 crore IMA ponzi scam.

He said ED officials on completing searches early this morning have not issued any notice to him, but have asked him to be available to them when ever required.

“At around 7:30-8 am (Thursday) ED officials had come, they had come in connection with the house, they asked as to when the land was purchased, when the house was constructed and account for it. I have given all the information to them,” Khan said.

Speaking to reporters here, he said ED officials also wanted to know about the construction cost and other details, which he provided to them along with bank details.

“Officials left after they were satisfied, and said I will have to go to them when they call me, I will go. They have not served me any notice. We have declared everything to Income Tax Department. ED searched my house also my brothers houses, and travels office. They had come expecting something, but did not get anything,” he added.

Simultaneous searches at houses and offices linked to Khan at multiple locations had began early on Thursday.

Khan’s new bungalow near Cantonment railway station here and other properties like his flats and businesses including the National Travels offices in the city, were the places where searches were conducted amid security presence outside.

Khan, in response to a question, claimed ED searches were only linked to his house and had nothing to do with the IMA scam.

“It seems that some have complained to ED about Zameer Ahmed Khan constructing a big house and the source for it. They (officials) questioned about it and I have replied,” he said.

Stating that all his transactions were clean, he said registration of the land was in 2006 and it took seven years for him to construct the house.

“Officials wanted detailed information, so I asked them to take it from bank, since I did not have it currently. I had sent my accountant along with them.”

Officials in Delhi had said the ED conducted searches against former minister R Roshan Baig and a Congress MLA in connection with a money laundering investigation into the alleged multi-crore IMA ponzi scam.

To a question whether there were political reasons behind ED searches on him, Khan said, “no question about it, everyone has their eye on me, my big house and how I built it, and it is common.”

“I’m happy that ED has come and gone, it had to happen some day. I’m feeling in a way cleared, as I was under constant tension that of being under their watch.”

He claimed officials did not ask him anything about IMA and it was only about matters concerning his house.

Several of Khan’s supporters and Congress workers wearing black bands had gathered near Khan’s residence yesterday when it was being searched and had shouted slogans accusing the ruling BJP of targeting their party leaders.