Late night earthquake was felt around Nashik district of Maharashtra. It is being told that the intensity of this earthquake was 4.0. People got out of the houses after the earthquake struck. However, no casualty has been reported from the earthquake yet.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, a shock of earthquake was felt in the vicinity of Nashik at around 11:41 pm, after which people moved out of their homes. At the same time, the Meteorological Department said that a 2.0-speed earthquake tremor was also felt in the western region of Maharashtra.

Significantly, there was a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in West Bengal last week. Its effect was also seen in Dumka, the sub-capital of Jharkhand. The people of Dumka also felt the shock of the earthquake in Bengal. When the tremors of the earthquake were felt in Durgapur, Bengal, most of the people were asleep. Those who felt the tremors of the earthquake came out of their homes.