“Bravo is massively important from two perspectives. He is an incredibly experienced cricketer. His ability to control in those middle overs, when we need some control (and) bowl to his field is wonderful to watch,” the former bowling coach of Indian team said ahead of CSK’s match against Mumbai Indians.

“The number of balls he bowls that go down the ground for one or to the square for one, he exactly knows what’s going to happen… is hugely important. And then the third component is the amount of mentorship he does for our bowlers. He does lot of talking, lot of advising,” Simons said.

However, there is room for improvement as far as CSK bowlers are concerned.

“There are certain lengths we would like to improve on, lines we would like to improve on and work on them all the time but we also very aware of the fact that this is a long tournament and we are not even near the halfway mark yet. And I feel, we are improving but we would like to give our batsmen less to chase,” he signed off.

Simons also waxed eloquent about Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s marvellous effort against Royal Challengers Bangalore the other night.

“MS might look unorthodox but he is very effective, that’s the way he plays. He reads the game. He senses where the game changes. Against the RCB the other night, it was all about reading the game, understanding who were their key bowlers and who is going to target at the back end and that’s what MS is about,” the bowling coach said.