In the Tarrem area under Usoor tehsil of Bijapur district, a situation of dharna has been created by the villagers for the last 25 days. In view of the corona infection, people are standing in protest despite the advice of the administration. Last 15 days More than 500 positive patients have been confirmed in Usoor area, whereas there were only 123 cases before the protest demonstration. The speed with which cases are increasing is a matter of concern. Jayegi Tarrem area is located on the border of Sukma district, there has also been a partial lockdown due to increasing cases day by day. In which more patients were found mainly in the villages like Chutwahi, Gaganpally, Jarpalli, Narsapur, Marudbaka, Pusbaka, Raspalli, Budicheru, Chipurbhatti, Pegadapalli, etc. All of them have been infected due to participating in the rural sit-in demonstration. Door to door by the team of Administration and Health Department Door survey is being done and treatment and counseling is being given by distributing necessary medicines to the patients. Administration is fully prepared to prevent corona infection. People have been instructed to take precautions. It has been advised to follow the prohibitory order in the said area. Strict action will be taken against those who disobey the order. Therefore people are appealed to follow the Corona guide line at home. Stay safe. Do not move unnecessarily in this area and eligible beneficiaries should participate in vaccination to avoid corona infection and get vaccinated. Do not ignore symptoms like cold-cough, fever, get maximum corona test done.