Paddy purchase is now 8 days left, but the problem of gunny still continues in the paddy collection centers. Hundreds of farmers have not sold paddy yet. Farmers are not able to sell paddy in many committees due to lack of gunny bags. The tare given by the millers to the committees is so bad that farmers are not able to use it. The farmers of Belsodha say that they are selling paddy after sewing to sell their paddy by sorting it in torn old gunny bags. Some farmers are buying paddy from the market to sell paddy. Farmers told that at a cost of Rs. 35, farmers are buying gunny bags from the market, in lieu of which farmers are being given a price of Rs. Nearly two dozen farmers who reached the Belsodha Paddy Collecting Center have informed that they have been circling the management of the committee since morning till now due to the gunny bags, but the token selling the paddy is not cut.