The Delhi University is opposing the intervention application filed by three RTI Activists in the case concerning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degree from the University of Delhi.

RTI Activists Anjali Bhardwaj, Nikhil Dey, and Amrita Johri had filed the intervention application last year in order to assist the Court in determining the importance of the right to information in such cases.

DU has claimed that the application is bereft of any merits and is thus liable to be dismissed.

“.. the intervenor is nothing but a busybody or meddlesome interloper, who is surreptitiously trying to intervene in the present matter, not to assist this Hon’ble Court on the questions of law, but from extraneous reasons.”

The assertions form part of an affidavit filed in the matter.

It is submitted that the Activists have no locus and are neither person aggrieved nor necessary party or proper party.

Claiming that the Activists were interfering for oblique motives, it is further stated

“The intent and design of the applicant is to abuse the process of law and to espouse a personal claim.”

The mere assertion that the applicant is a public-spirited person and is interested in the meaningful implementation of the right to information act is no legal ground warranting intervention in the present proceeding, it is contended.

The University of Delhi had approached the Delhi High Court against the 2016 order of the Central Information Commission which had allowed inspection of Delhi University’s 1978 BA degree records.

The varsity challenged the order on the ground that it violated the RTI Act’s provision pertaining to privacy under Section 8(1)(j) and that it is in possession of the information being sought in a fiduciary capacity under section 8(1)(e) of the Act.

The intervention application by the RTI activists urged the Court to dismiss DU’s petition as it was filed on an incorrect premise. The Activists claimed that the varsity misrepresented the provisions of the RTI Act and the factual position of law.