By Express News Service

MUMBAI:  Family members of Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik and former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis are busy sending defamation notices against each other as the senior leaders have been engaged in a bitter war of words over recent drug busts. 

Malik’s son-in-law Sameer Khan has sent a legal notice to Fadnavis, seeking a compensation of Rs 5 crore for defaming his family.  

The NCB had arrested Sameer Khan on January 13 in connection with an alleged drug case. He was released on bail later.

Fadnavis had earlier said,  “…Now Malik’s son-in-law was found with drugs in his possession”, adding that “if narcotics are found in the house of a person, then what will their party be”.

Challenging Fadnavis’ charges, the legal notice said the charge sheet filed by the NCB does not support even a single allegation levelled by the BJP leader.

“The panchnama clearly says the house was searched and no contraband was found. But from which source you obtained such frivolous and baseless report is better known to you,” said the legal notice.

Amruta Devendra Fadnavis, wife of the BJP leader, immediately sent a legal notice to Malik for “tarnishing the image of her family” through his alleged defamatory tweets.

“Mr Nawab Malik shared a series of defamatory tweets including some pictures! Here is the Notice of Defamation,” Amruta tweeted.

The notice from the side of Fadnavis came after certain tweets of Malik had claimed connection between Amruta and alleged drug peddler Jagdeep Rana.