The sky has been cloudy since Friday morning. Light drizzle was also witnessed at some places. The bad weather has once again raised the concern of farmers. If the cloud continues to shade, the vegetable crop may suffer. At the same time, about 35 lakh quintal of paddy purchased on support price in the district is lying in the open. However, in the event of rain, the administration has already claimed to have made arrangements for the safety of paddy. The Meteorological Department has warned of further cloudy weather.

Farmers say that if the cloud remains like this, the vegetable crop can be damaged. Tomato is pre-matured and ripened prematurely, while the probability of pest infestation increases in other crops including okra, gourd. Farmer Raviprakash Tamarkar said that it is necessary to open the season for vegetable crops. In view of the weather patterns, the administration’s concern has also increased about the safety of paddy kept in the procurement centers of the district. About 35 lakh quintal paddy is lying in the open in the district. Out of which 20 lakh quintals are kept in paddy procurement centers and 15 lakh quintals in paddy collection centers. Food Controller CP Dipankar said that even though the weather was bad in Durg district, there has been no rain. Employees in procurement centers have been directed to take care of paddy safety.