How deadly the corona virus is spreading in India can be gauged by the fact that the number of cases of corona virus has crossed 20 lakhs here. India became the third country in the world after the US and Brazil on Thursday, where more than two million corona virus positive cases have been reported. The most frightening thing is that this second million has come in just 21 days. That is, more than one million cases of corona virus were reported in the last 21 days. In fact, on July 16, the first one million corona cases were reported in the country. This time Corona accounts for 42% of cases in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar in its second million.

The number of corona virus cases nationwide rose to 2022730 from 62088 new corona cases on Thursday. Corona’s dabbling rate is now 22.7 days in the country. This is several times higher than the dabbling rates of the US (60.2) and Brazil (35.7). If the pace of Corona remains the same, then India will reach number one in this table, which is a serious concern. Actually, dabbling rate means that in how many days corona cases are doubling. 

If corona cases in the country grow at the rate so far, experts estimate that the next one million, or one million cases, may take more than just two weeks. That is, the next two weeks, the corona virus cases in India will cross 3 million. Let me tell you that there are currently 4,993,508 cases of Corona virus in America and 2,873,304 cases in Brazil. 

At the same time, if we look at the statistics of death from corona virus in India, then its figure has crossed 41 thousand. The figure reached 41,633 from 898 deaths on Thursday. However, according to the data, the death rate has come down to 2.07 per cent, lower than the global rate of 3.75 per cent. While Corona’s death rate is 5.72 percent in the US, it is 3.81 percent in Brazil.

However, when the corona cases crossed one million in the country on July 16, around 56% of corona cases were from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi only. But now its trend has changed. In the first one million cases, where Delhi’s contribution was only 12 percent, now in the other one million cases it is just 3 percent. 

Prior to July 16, where the contribution of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar was 19% in the country’s corona virus cases, it has now increased to 42% since then. 

The recovery rate from Corona improved to 67.62 percent on Thursday. At present, 5,95,501 patients are being treated in the country, which is 30.31% of the total cases. The number of cured patients is now 7,32,835 more than the number of people under treatment. A total of 46,121 patients were discharged from hospitals during 24 hours.