School Education and Minority Welfare Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam today announced the online results of the Urdu, Adeeb, Urdu Mastering Examination along with High School, Higher Secondary Correspondence Course Examination First, Second and Fourth Occasion organized by Chhattisgarh Madrasa Board at his residence office today. did. Minister Dr. Tekam congratulated and congratulated all the candidates who passed the examination. Candidates can check the exam results on Chhattisgarh Madrasa Board website

Results of High School Correspondence Examination 91.34 percent, Higher Secondary Correspondence Examination 94.2 percent in Course Examination (Arts Faculty), 100% in Higher Secondary Commerce Faculty, 92.85 percent in Higher Secondary Science Faculty and 82.61 percent in Urdu Adeeb and 100 in Urdu Master. Percentage candidates passed.
The examination of Chhattisgarh Madrasa Board was conducted in 9 examination centers of different districts of the state. High school correspondence examination 90 percent boys in first opportunity, 94.06 percent girls, higher secondary correspondence examination courses 92.5 percent boys in arts faculty first opportunity, 96.56 percent girls, 100 percent girls in commerce faculty, 100 percent girls, 90 percent boys in science faculty , 100 percent girls have passed. Similarly, 81.82 per cent children, 83.33 per cent girls, 100 per cent boys in Urdu Adhikaar, 100 per cent girls have passed the Urdu Adeeb exam.
Officers and staff of the Madrasa Board were present on this occasion along with Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed Ansari, Secretary, Chhattisgarh Madrasa Board. On the occasion, Dr. Ansari, Secretary, Madrasa Board said that the syllabus of Madrasa Board is based on NCERT syllabus.