Double amputee, who lost his hands, gets COVID vaccine on left thigh in Jharkhand

Express News Service
RANCHI: A one of the kind example of how responsible citizens are about taking COVID-19 vaccine even in the remotest villages of Jharkhand, Gulshan Lohra, double amputee who lost both his hands, took the jab on his left thigh on Tuesday.

Lohra, hailing from Manoharpur block in West Singhbhum district, said that he did not have any problem after taking the jab and also appealed others to get vaccinated as it is the only way to keep the virus away.

“I decided to take the vaccine at any cost to protect myself from COVID-19 as it is the only way to keep the virus away,” said Lohra. 

Notably, people in rural areas, especially the tribal dominated districts of Jharkhand like Gumla, Khunti, Simdega, West Singhbhum and other adjoining districts, are reluctant to get COVID vaccine due to the fear of death, getting fever and becoming impotent after the jabs are administered to them. 

According to health officials, Lohra has tried to give a big message to the people who are reluctant to take the vaccine due to various reasons.

“Ideally a person is given the jab in his left hand. Since, Lohra is an amputee with both hands; we decided to administer COVID-19 vaccine in his left thigh,” said Manoharpur Medical Officer Narendra Sumbrai.

This is really a big message to the people, especially in this region, who are reluctant to take the jabsdue to various reasons, he added.

Vaccine is an effective shield against COVID-19, which is hundred per cent safe also, the doctor added.