Even though the Trump administration has initiated the formal process of transition of power to president-elect Joe Biden, incumbent Donald Trump has continued to post baseless claims about voter fraud on Twitter. Recently on November 24, Trump reposted a tweet labelled ‘disputed’ by the website, of a user falsely claiming that 6,000 “fake Biden votes” were uncovered in Arizona. Meanwhile, several key states have certified the election results indicating the same results as major American networks had projected that Biden will be the 46th US President. 

However, Trump supporters have been running a baseless campaign on the microblogging website, with internet users posting untrue claims of fraud during vote counting. The Twitter user had posted, “Report: 6K fake Biden votes found in Arizona ‘lead’ drops to 4K” and even posted a screenshot a pro-Trump media outlet with the same “report” in the text running on the screen. But the report quoted by the user and that was also retweeted by Trump is false. 

However, the ‘bunk’ news appeared to refer to a temporary tally change that had occurred during the unofficial election results due to an error during uploading with one of the county’s results. Even hours before the claim was posted on social media, the claim was clarified from Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. Taking to Twitter, Hobbs said that the numbers were displayed incorrectly because of a glitch while uploading.