Director General of Police Shri DM Awasthi has issued instructions that by 3 May the police headquarters should be called to the same employees who are in great need. The remaining employees should not be called to police headquarters unless necessary. The order states that the system which was implemented after the lock-down on 24 March is extended till 3 May. All the Additional Director General of Police and senior officers from them will perform important work through their own staff. It has been said in the order that officers can use the intelligence and SIB building located in the old police headquarters for official work.
It is noteworthy that under the system ordered after the lockdown on 24 March 2020, no police officer-employee without DGP. We will not be able to leave the headquarters and go out of the house. All of them will stay at home and perform government work. The officer-employee may be directed to appear in the office if required. D.G.P. Has given instructions to keep mobile running during this period. In branches where attendance is compulsory, at least people have been directed to impose duty. In the event of calling the office, it has been asked to come out by means of self-transport and not use public transport. Mr. Awasthi has instructed that the person coming to the office should enter the office only by applying masks and sanitizing his hands. Instructions have been given to keep the mask on throughout the attendance period and wash the hands periodically with soap-handwash-sanitizer.