The dialysis center at the district hospital in Korba will start soon. Preparations are going on in the Composite Building for this. While it costs Rs 15-20 thousand to get dialysis in private hospitals, the middle and lower class families will be able to get treatment for free of cost in the district hospital.

The facility is expected to be operational by the end of January. Due to the convenience in the government hospital, its credibility will increase and people will not have to face financial difficulty in getting treatment.

Various facilities are being promoted by the mineral trust in the district hospital. In this episode, Composite Building has also been prepared for burn unit and child health at a cost of 2.50 crores. In this, now the dialysis center is also being made tangible. Approval of resources for this has been received from the government. For this reason, the dialysis center should be operated in the ground floor for the convenience of the patients. With the introduction of the facility, the patients will not be able to get dialysis on time due to financial problem.

Apart from treating patients in the center, there will also be arrangements for their movement. By dialing 112, the way other people take advantage of medical facility, the same facility will also be available in it. The district hospital management has demanded additional vehicle for this from the mineral trust item of administration. People living in far flung rural areas will be able to easily avail the facility.