District level forest rights committee meeting was held on Tuesday 02 February under the chairmanship of Collector Shri Jayaprakash Maurya, in which forest rights recognition letter, so far approved and distributed, claims received from section level, community forest resource recognition letter to gram sabhas of core area Various agendas including claims received regarding supply were discussed. In the meeting held at four o’clock in the collectorate meeting room, the collector instructed to consider all the claims received as per rules and provisions. Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Smt Reshma Khan informed about the applications received and their status in the meeting, which was discussed positively by officials and committee members. He informed that a total of 1845 applications of Community Forest Rights recognition letter have been received, out of which one lakh 59 thousand 013 hectare area has been distributed to all applicants. Similarly, out of total six applications of Community Forest Resource Rights recognition letter, 9948 hectare plot has been distributed as per provision. The Assistant Commissioner also informed that district level committee has received applications for new 11 of individual forest rights, 35 for reconsideration, 17 for community and 101 for community forest resource. DFO Smt Satovisha Samajdar, Deputy Director Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve, Mr Ayush Jain were present in the meeting. With all . Committee members Mr. Manoj Sakshi, Mrs. Kusumlata Sahu and Ms. Kanti Kanwar were present.