Among the key components of the state government’s ambitious Suraji scheme, the Narva project in Narva, Garuva, Ghuaruwa and Bari schemes is purely based on the watershed concept under MGNREGA’s guide lines for rainwater harvesting, irrigation and livelihoods. Under this project, the District Panchayat Bastar prepared a DPR for rainwater harvesting according to the Reads to Valley concept. Under the scheme, such structures will be built which are capable of holding and recharging some amount of rainwater for further use through surface storage or ground water. Livelihoods have been affected due to climate change and lack of irrigation potential due to low rainfall and low irrigation potential. The main objective of the scheme is to create safe livelihoods in rural areas as they mostly depend on rain water for irrigation and agriculture related works.
All seven blocks of Bastar district fall under the MWC (Mission Water Conservation) as dry and irrigated. In recent years, there has been a lot of change in the rainfall pattern in the district and the availability of water for irrigation and ground water level has decreased and due to these reasons has become an important project for the district. A detailed action plan has been prepared for treatment by selecting a total of 65 drains in the district under Narva. Physical survey of NALO and GIS satellite has been used to prepare action plan. The survey covers a total of 5125 small and big works on these channels. Whose catchment capacity is 104483 ha and the total length of the drain is 624.65 km. Total 65 gram panchayats are being covered on these 65 nalas with works done as per requirement, SCT, CCT, plantations, brushwood, street plug, LBC, Gabion, stop dam, check dam, irrigation canal, farm pond, There are wells, new rhythms etc. Treatment of sewer is essential in the watershed concept. For preparation of the scheme, we have used the GIS method and ground level survey at the gram panchayat level to solve the issues of water requirements at the gram panchayat level. Used GIS based software such as Google Earth etc. For better implementation of the work, we use various layers of Bhuvan portal for better understanding of the drain and plan it according to the treatment. For better efficiency of the scheme, an action plan is being prepared to achieve maximum production from the scheme to increase the availability of water and irrigation capacity to strengthen livelihoods with the Gram Panchayat.