Chhattisgarh State Cow Service Commission Chairman Dr. Ramsunder Das Mahant said that Janjgir district is an agricultural district. More than 80 percent of the land here is irrigated. Livestock has contributed significantly to agriculture and our health. He called for the need to develop a sense of service and service towards livestock. A meeting of the District Level Animal Cruelty Prevention Committee was held in the Collector Office Hall. The meeting was attended by Collector Yashwant Kumar, members of the committee, representatives of Gau Seva Institutions. Dr. Mahant said that with the introduction of Gowthan and Godhan Nyaya Yojana by the state government, the focus of the farmers towards the service of animals has been increased. He said that we address the cow as Gaumata but our behavior does not behave like that. He also objected to addressing the animals as unclaimed animals. He said that the road accidents have been reduced due to the Gauthan and Godhan Nyaya Yojana, but still there is a need to pay attention to the arrangement of animals, their food and medicine. He called for the need to take stern action against the smuggling of cows. Dr. Mahant called for the need of wide publicity in schools through various means to awaken the service spirit towards animals so that the coming generation can be made aware of the importance of cow rearing. Collector Yashwant Kumar gave information about cow services and administrative work being done for their protection in the district. The collector praised the efforts of Champa’s Prayas Seva Sansthan engaged in the service of animals, and asked to provide land for Champa or surrounding areas for animal service on the demand of the institute. Pavan Yadav, founder of Prayas Seva Sansthan, present in the meeting, said that the primary treatment of animals injured in road accidents is arranged by the members associated with their institute. Fodder, water, medicine etc. are arranged for them. Additional Collector Packra, Deputy Director Veterinary Services Patel and other member officers were present in the meeting.