Director under National Food Safety Mission, Shri GK Nirmam appeared on a visit to Bemetara district yesterday. An inspection of 100 hectare gram crop demonstration organized under the scheme was conducted by the Director, Shri Tarachand Village-Keshadbury, Vikaskhand-Berla. During the discussion, farmers were informed about the emergence of diseases in chickpea, in which the operator was given detailed information regarding timely sowing, seed treatment, and land treatment from Trichoderma, etc. for diagnosis of ukulele disease. Gram variety RVG in display by farmers. 202 has been used.
Under the National Food Security Mission, the farmer Mr. Ishwar Verma, construction of 50 Mt new godown of village Keshadbury development block-Berla was inspected. In which arhar is being stored by the farmer. In the discussion with the director, the farmer sold the crop in the local market for 5 thousand 600 rupees. Sales information was given per quintal. The farmer took turmeric intercrops with soybeans on 5 acres, in which the harvester was informed about harvesting of tur. Whose harvesting was inspected at the site itself. During the visit, Director Shri G.K. With ruthless Mr. M.D. Assuming, Deputy Director Agriculture Bemetara, Shri R.K. Solanki, Sub-Divisional Agriculture Officer Bemetara, Shri R.K. Sharma, Assistant Director Agriculture Bemetara, Mr. Hemant Baghel, Senior Agricultural Development Officer, Berla, Mr. R.K. Verma, Mr. Gyanendra Kathile, Rural Agricultural Extension Officer and regional farmer Mr. Tarachand, Mr. Ishwar Singh Verma and other farmers were present.