Monsoon session: Rajya Sabha Opposition leaders meet to discuss floor strategy

By Express News Service

NEW DELHI:  The Opposition on Thursday said that they cannot be intimidated into silence on the Pegasus and farmers’ issues and their united stand would not change in the face of attempts to crush their issues by threat, fear or pressure and would continue to fight.

On the Rajya Sabha Chairman considering a complaint by Parliament’s woman security officer against a TMC MP for allegedly heckling her after being suspended for a day, Leader of Opposition in the House, Mallikarjun Kharge said that the suspended MPs did nothing wrong and were only showing placards.

“The BJP doesn’t have tolerance. Suspension of six TMC members was wrong. They did nothing wrong and placards have been used earlier also. If attempts are made to crush and muzzle our issues by targeting us, using threats, fear, the Congress and united Opposition will not budge and will keep fighting,” said Kharge.

Kharge said the Centre is blaming the Opposition for disruptions in the House and saying that they are not ready for discussion. “We are ready for discussion right now and let’s start it, but the government has not yet reached out to the Opposition and no notice has been sent for any meeting.”

He cited past instances where Rule 267 discussions were allowed in Rajya Sabha and questioned why the government was escaping the Pegasus debate when several countries had ordered probes. “Disruption in Parliament is over the Pegasus issue. It’s an issue which impinges on national security and citizen freedom and privacy. Press, army, and judges have been named as potential targets. Why is the government running away?”

The Leader of Opposition asked who has called a meeting. “Has the Leader of the House called anyone? The government is saying the Opposition doesn’t want to speak on farmers’ issues, inflation and people’s issues. This is not true. Precedent is there of discussions and yet they are not allowing a debate on Pegasus.”