New Delhi: It is believed that the novel corona virus epidemic has reached its peak. The virus has caught more than two crore people from different parts of the world. Day by day the situation is getting serious and it is feared that the total number of dead will soon cross the 10 lakh mark. Many new cases of corona virus infection are being reported every day in India and the total number of infected patients in the country has crossed 20 lakh. 40,000 of these people have also lost their lives due to Covid-19. Although the possibility of vaccination of corona virus infection still seems far away, but the government is making the best use of its existing resources to make sure that the virus can be stopped and it will at least give people their Make prey 

On the one hand, while the government is doing its work, on the other hand, it is also the responsibility of the citizens to take all precautionary measures to prevent the virus from spreading. One of the most important measures will also be to secure for yourself a comprehensive health insurance policy. If you are admitted to hospital for treatment of corona virus infection, then your health insurance plan will protect you from treatment expenses and pay your treatment expenses. You can buy a health insurance policy of a substantial sum insured at a nominal price like Rs 800-1000 per month.

Steps taken by IRDAI at the right time 

In view of the increasing number of people infected with Covid-19 in the country, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has directed all general and health insurance companies to have a standard for customers as soon as possible. Individual Covid-19 Health Insurance Plan to be introduced. This product is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of such people, who are able to pay Rs 800-1000 per month for a health insurance policy with minimum sum insured. IRDAI has taken steps ahead of itself in view of the present conditions and to bring quality health facilities within the reach of every person. IRDAI had directed all insurance companies to create a standard health insurance product providing appropriate treatment for Covid-19.