Delhi-bound Ranchi Rajdhani Express delayed by 25 minutes as sparks spotted in the wheels 

By Express News Service
RANCHI: The Delhi-bound  Rajdhani Express from Ranchi was delayed for 25 minutes after a fire was spotted in its wheel at Gangaghat Station on Monday. 

Senior Railway officials, however, claimed that it was a technical fault that was taken care of by the onboard railway staff.

According to Chief Public Relations Officer Neeraj Kumar, the train moved further only after the fault was rectified by on-board railway staff.

“There was some fault in the spring near the wheel of one of the compartments due to which some sparks were spotted by some people. The train was stopped near Gangaghat station which was rectified by the onboard railway staff,” said the CPRO.

The train proceeded further only after taking care of the fault, he added.

The CPRO further added that the entire process delayed the train by 25 minutes. The inquiry will be done to look into the actual cause of the spark, he said.