The delegation of the Tribal Burlapen Poddaguma Gondwana Development Committee under the leadership of Surajuram Uike was met at Raj Bhavan by Governor Anusuiya Uike. He invited the Governor to participate in the annual Jatra program organized at Village-Temrupani in Antagarh of Kanker district of Uike gotra. The Governor said that it is commendable. You people are connected with your tradition. The information that Surjuram gave is very enlightening. Such events should always be held, this gives the new generation a sense of their traditions. Our tribal society has always been a nature worshiper. Each of their traditions, places of worship and religious rites is associated with nature. They have been providing protection to nature. That is why nature also takes care of them. It has been observed that during this corona period, the villages of tribal areas have been relatively less affected. Manesh Ram Uike, Chandan Singh Uike, Harisingh Uike, Mangal Singh Uike, Sevakaram Uike, Godavari Uike, Sarojbala Uike and other representatives were present during this period.