I was shocked to hear the sad news of the death of Ramchandra Gandhi. I am not follower of his thoughts. But I am not less sad than his followers. I read news titled “ Ramchandra Gandhi wanted a debate on MSU painting row” in TOI. After that I am unable to control my mind my thoughts. These are totally without break. Physical body may be like a statue but mind may move with full speed. 
Worship the mother of whom so everWas Gandhi wanted a debate on insulted animated film of Gandhi made by NRI? MF Hussain is moving in the world as an ambassador of so called secular government. His nude paintings of Bharatmata and others are the matter of discussion or the subject of freedom of expression! But if any one made the nude paintings of the female members of such secdulars then it should be called communalism! I do not insult the word of ‘mother’ to mention ‘mother’. So I mention female members. We should worship the mother of whom so ever. This is the culture of Hinduism. What is the culture of others; this should not be the subject of mine. This is not the death of Ramchandra Gandhi but it is a death of an intelligent philoshper, professor, writer in a country. Our conuntry is being influenced and governed by stupids, corrupts and opportununists with other disqualifications. These disqualications have become qualifications of them.
 Does Ram Chandra Gandhi belong to the Gandhi dynasty?Few months back on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi, spokesperson of Congress said that defamation case might be on the columnists, bloggers and websites which publish the matter to defame Gandhi dynasty. I would not think which Gandhi dynasty was in the subject. There are so many Gandhis and Gandhi dynasties. Which belongs to whom? Gandhi has devalued and has been pushed in the well of Gandhigiri.Foreign media says! Bush and Mush say! They say because majority of India say that they believe that heirs of the Gandhi dynasty are of Gandhis of 10 Janpath instead of late Ramchandra or his elder brother governor of WB and Bihar or Raj Mohan Gandhi. Foreign borns are more real than the Gandhis born in India. Does it mean India is with a majority of fools?This is the time and world of duplicacyYou may find every duplicate of branded products. Even there are duplicates of fimy Hero though bollywood itself is full of duplicates and it is bollywood only due to the art of duplicacy. Telgi is punished for the scam of fake stamps though there is duplicacy in every field. There are fake seculars. There are fake namdharis. Name is Ram Vilas but act and dialogue is against Ram. Name is Hindusthan Times or The Hindu daily but full of Anti-Hinduism. Government is of Indian people but in fact it is without Indianness with Indianless. We can find reconstruction of bankruptcy duplicacy around us.Gandhism has been reconstructed bankruptThis happened due to the duplicacy of Gandhis and fake followers of Gandhi. Song of Movie ‘Sachcha Jhootha’ is “ dil ko dekho chehra na dekho chehre ne laakhon ko loota hai ” This should be sing now as “ Cheha ko dekho dil na dekho dil ne laakhon ko loota hai” People may go through the movie of Anupam Kher “Maine Gandhi ko nahen maraa’. Godse killed Gandhi only one time but ‘“har roz har pal…baar baar apne haathon se gala ghot kar mara hai. Par mujhe koi dukh nahi (everytime i killed gandhi).’I imagined the death body of grandson of great Gandhi laying on the floor of the room then atonce I thaught that he was the heir of Gandhi dynasty because he was the greandson of Mahatma Gandhi. But my friend corrected me to say that Gandhi dynasty at present the property of 10 Janpath. I recall an incident. When I went to my native village of Rajasthan with my family for a religious ceremony then I wanted to meet my relatives of Srimadhopur. I went there and tried to enter into my relatives’ home. I found that they had shifted to Jaipur and now others were living there. This is happening in the cases of dynasties also.Above example can’t be fit in the shoes of dynasties. Dynasties are not the immovable properties as buildings. Then who are fooling or educating the nation knowingly or intentionally or under a conspiracy in the name of Mahatma Gandhi? There may be so many Arjuns but Massiah of Qota is one which is wellknown. Pradip Gandhi former MP took bribe for asking questions in the Lok Sabha. He can’t be called a member of Gandhi dynasty! Who belongs to Gandhi dynasty and who are not and why? This may be the subject of thesis for getting doctorate.Who can define Gandhi dynasty?I want to know the thruth by turning the paper leaves of Constitution. I can’t find the answer. Then I want to go Supreme Court by filing PIL. But I think that there also I can’t get the answer. Then I want to go in the proceedings of parliament. There also I can’t find the answer.Then where should I go? Is it means Congress leaders and media and other intellectuals are fools and making fool others?Legality of Gandhi dynasty vs Ram janm Bhumi and Ram SethuSuppose they are not fools. If the people believe that Ram janm Bhumi is that where Ram lala is at present, then on what basis can fraudulent seculars challenge the belief of the people? Even proof is there. But in this issue vote bank politicians are mighty and so they are right: Might is right.Hitlery democratic majority!Ram Sethu is still. Proofs are here:Even US Heritage body wants to preserve the Ram Sethu: Is US a country of Ram?Indian government wants to destroy it. Still we say that our government represents the majority. Is majority of India not Ram Bhakt? Is UPA government not as the democratic Hitler and Mussolene? Is India not the country of Ram? Are our fore fathers are Romeos? Rahul Gandhi says and he has right to say that he is a grandson of Indira Gandhi. Are fore fathers of us belongs to Italy, UK, China, Russia or any other foreign country?Kabhi kabhi mere dil men kyaal aata hai ki……….Who are the Gandhis?Whom God has made for Gandhi dynasty?