Every parent waits to hear their voice for the first time after the birth of their child. Every mother is eager to hear the word mother from her child’s mouth, but when Ishika, daughter of Raigad resident Mr. Dilip Arora and Mrs. Nimmi Arora, did not start speaking even after two and a half years of birth, the parents’ concern increased. Mr. Dilip Arora, a businessman in electronics, was not able to get expensive equipment for Ishika’s ears, but he did not give up and tried to see Ishika speak. After 11 years, Ishika has got the strength to hear and speak due to the initiative of Social Welfare Minister Mrs. Anila Bhendia to overcome this problem. On the instructions of Minister Mrs. Bhendia, Speech Audiologist Mr. Rakesh Pandey at her Raipur residence when Ishika’s ear When I installed the sound processor, hearing the voice of loved ones, there was a glow on his face. Ishika’s parents were also happy to hear Papa-Mama from her mouth and expressed their gratitude to Mrs. Bhendia for the help. Ishika’s father Mr. Dilip Arora told that Ishika has very little hearing. When Ishika was 5 years old, on the advice of the doctor, with the help of Bal Shravan Yojana of the state government, she got her operation done and got cochlear implant done in her ear. His therapy lasted for about two and a half years. He had just started to understand things that the machine in the ear stopped working. The in-ear processor was expensive, due to which he was not in a position to buy. In such a situation, after reaching out to Minister Mrs. Anila Bhendia, concerned about the future of her daughter, she told her problems. In view of Ishita’s special case, Minister Smt. Bhendia allowed Ishika to install processor through Social Welfare Department and instructed to arrange for her treatment. Audiologist Mr. Rakesh Pandey, while explaining his therapy in detail to Ishika’s parents, told that Ishika’s hearing is very poor and she has trouble hearing more than 90 decibels. The child is unable to hear, so she has not developed the recognition and understanding of words and voices. She can’t even speak because she can’t hear words. With the help of speech therapy, Ishita will be helped to identify the words which will help her to speak. He told that the facility of speech therapy can also be availed through online medium. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading