The time of Congress President is not going good. He is getting slammed back to back and that also by the kids who is not even half of his age. After an 8 year kid countered Rahul Gandhi on his Rafale allegations now another 14 year old girl has slammed Rahul Gandhi on his visit to Dubai.

The incident took place when the Congress President after meeting the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and ruler of Dubai addressed the Indian diaspora over there. He participated in a convention that was attended by the Indians residing there and opened him for conversation with them.

But the Congress President might not have thought that he would be so embarrassed with the questions during his interaction that the live streaming for the event has to be stopped in between.

Yes! It is true and that is what exactly happened.14 year old kid ripped apart the Congress President.

The girl lifted her hand to pose a question. Rahul Gandhi gestured to his man to give the mic to her.She questioned him “How Rahul Gandhi, who speaks about how caste distinction is rampant, embraced Hinduism by applying ashes on his forehead in Gujarat and wore the kufis (traditional cap that Muslims wear) while visiting Kashmir. Her first question exposed hypocrisy of Congress President to lure the voters during the time of elections. Anyhow the Congress President in order to hide his actual motives managed to answer the question and said that his purpose was to treat all religions equally. Although it is the biggest lie ever as we all are aware of his intentions

But the second question asked by the girl totally ashamed the Congress President and he was totally blank having no answer to give for it. She asked, “Congress prides itself for having ruled India for several decades. The welfare and development that were not achieved then, will be done now?”

Unable to face this embarrassment, Congress President Rahul Gandhi dismissed it with a smile, like he does always.

According to sources in Dubai after this moment the airing of the telecast was abruptly cut by the Congress.

Not only the girl embarrassed him by asking about his party’s contribution but also slammed him by praising Prime Minister Modi and his contribution towards the motherland. The girl said that India got its recognition across the world only after Prime Minister Modi took over the office.

Apart from this the little girl also advised Congress President to seek votes with the promise of providing corruption- free governance instead of dividing the society on the basis of caste. The audience was stunned by the intelligence and view point of little girl and cheered her with thundering applause.

This is big embarrassment for Congress Party and President. The Congress President Rahul Gandhi who dreams to be the Prime Minister of the country is not competent enough to answer the questions and always make fun of him as well as nation abroad.