Dantewada in Chhattisgarh is a district that is a network-less area surrounded by remote areas with geographical conditions where teachers have to face many problems to provide basic amenities like education during this Corona period. important plans Pdhi Tunhr are child classes online through the operations portal Duar joining education So for those areas which do not have a network, teachers are going to conduct offline class in the mercury neighborhood or trying to provide content of education through mobile to Bluetooth in areas without ordinary mobile to network without Bluetooth. An innovation is being made to connect children through loudspeakers as well. In this episode, three schools, Gayatapara ,  Churchpara and Madhyamik school Haram, have been considered as loudspeakers by considering the primary school Gayatapara Haram of Gidam, block development in Dantewada district. Decided to teach children Which has become the first through loudspeaker in Dantewada district. The Chief Guest of this program, District Education Officer, Mr. Rajesh Sharma said that it is difficult to say when the school will open, so all the parents should motivate their children to read more and more children in this Corona period by following the social distance. Together, Palco also appealed for participation by following social distance for prevention ,  infection of coronavirus . Assistant Project Coordinator of Holistic Education Dada Jokal alias Sikander Khan appealed to the parents in Gondi to motivate all children to study so that the education of the children can be completed, even in the moment of this crisis, all the children are regularly connected with education and their Continue education. In the program, teachers Pramila Kushwaha ,  Parvati Sahni Samvati Pal Neeta Sahu, teacher of Churchpara Haram and Nagendra Prasad Chaturvedi teacher of Secondary School Haram ,  Kalindi Kothari and Shakuntala Kasher were present and got their children to study.

Madopara taboo where the variola Mata temple is occurring courtyard reading Madhav child Mercury Primary School Secondary School DAV English School Gayatri school and Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya ,  has launched studies from loudspeaker through on Variola temple courtyard, where school The teacher of Shri Basant Pal said that he has got a place with the cooperation of the villagers in this global epidemic Corona period because the children cannot go to school, so his parents appealed to the teachers that due to adequate space to study here Can be done Whose support is also being supported by parents. The District Education Officer said in his address that this effort is commendable in this epidemic. This program is being conducted in the court of Mother Sheetla is an innovative endeavor of all teachers and in this yard all the children are ready to study following social distance. It is an important step for the teachers as well as for the parents as well. District Mission Coordinator Mr. SL Sori said in his words that the children of the school who are unable to go to school will come to the school to teach the teachers. There is no need to fear anyone from Corona. You can continue your studies by staying at your home or staying in a certain place and following social distance. Block Education Officer Mr. Rafiq Sheikh said in his address that the efforts of the school teacher Shiv Kumar Gupta at this place is commendable. Three-three students of the school are keeping the urge to study, which is the result of this, about 35 to 40 children are present here at this center and following the social distance to study keeping in mind all the rules of Kovid-19. are keen. In the program, District Education Officer Rajesh Karma District Mission Coordinator Mr. SL Sori,  APC Dada Jokol ,  Rajendra Pandey ,  Dhaleesh   Arya ,  Block Education Officer Mr. Rafiq Sheikh Assistant Block Education Officer Ms. Bhavani Punem Block Source Coordinator Anil Sharma Geidam Sankal Coordinator Jitendra Chauhan ,  Teacher Pramila Kushwaha ,  Parvati Sahni ,  Inclusion Pal ,  Neeta Sahu ,  Nagendra Prasad Chaturvedi ,  Kalindi Kothari ,  Shakuntala Kaser ,  Basant Pal ,  Shiv Kumar Gupta ,  Farhana Rizvi ,  Olivia Peter ,  Rimita Kujur and Krishna Nag Arun Shahor Dhan Singh Nag ,  Dayalu Nag ,  Palak were present.