Lockdown in raipurEventually, that was what was feared. The lockdown will take place from 9 pm on September 21 due to Corona’s increasing infection, as soon as the news went viral on social media on Saturday, the market started to get crowded from 2 pm on Saturday afternoon. By evening, people thronged to shop in the market including Gol Bazaar, Ghadi Chowk, Jaistambh, GE Road, Purani Basti, Lakhenagar, Mahoba Bazaar, Pandari. Along with this, long queues were started in the local grocery shops to get food items. A situation of jam occurred in the busiest areas of the city. There was an atmosphere of panic among the people after receiving the information about the lockdown. Everyone looked restless for storing plenty of food. The shopkeepers raised it fiercely. People did not appear to have any bargain in the rate of goods as compared to normal days. He was just in a hurry to go home after shopping for stuff. Shopkeepers sold food at arbitrary rates. Suddenly, the crowds ignored the way people escaped from the corona. Most people did not see masks in it. Those that were planted were just covered up to the mouth. Not only this, the pushing away to buy goods instead of physical distance to the shops did not deter