Under the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme Rabi 2020-21, farmers can insure Rabi crops till 15 December 2020 to avoid the damage due to adverse weather like drought, flood, pest disease, hailstorm, natural disaster. Under the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme, indebted and indebted farmers who are land holders and share croppers can join. Under the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme, indebted farmers can get crop insurance on voluntary basis. The farmer must submit the declaration form signed in the prescribed form, the last date of insurance, 7 days before 15 December 2020 to the concerned bank. Short-term agricultural loans sanctioned or renewed by the concerned bank for the respective seasons are compulsorily insured if the farmer does not submit the declaration in the prescribed form.
Officials of the Department of Agriculture Bemetara said that all non-indebted farmers, who are notified crop growers, are willing to join the scheme. They can join the scheme by getting the sowing confirmation certificate verified by the Regional Patwari or Rural Agricultural Extension Officer and submitting other documents. Under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, 1.5 percent farmer premium amount is prescribed for rabi crops. Under this, the farmer will have to pay a premium of Rs 555 per hectare gram and Rs 450 per hectare of irrigated wheat. For wheat irrigated, a premium of Rs 330 per hectare will be payable for the crop.
Under the insurance scheme, indebted farmers will be compulsorily insured by the bank, cooperative society. They only have to produce declaration and sowing certificate. Aruni farmers can be insured in bank, cooperative society and public service center by giving insurance proposal form, latest Aadhar card, bank passbook, land ownership evidence B-1 Panchasala or tenant or partner farmer document, sowing certificate and declaration letter.
Farmers can insure their crops through their respective committees, concerned banks, insurance supply company (Agriculture Insurance Company Limited), Public Service Center for crop insurance. Farmers have to be insured from one place in case of agriculture loan being sanctioned from different financial institutions for a notified area and notified crop. The farmer will have to inform the bank concerned. The insurance company will have the right to cancel all the documents of the farmer in the event of indebtedness and indebted farmers double insurance of equal acreage, measles. In order to change the name of the crop notified by the farmer, he can change the crop by submitting the sowing certificate in writing to the concerned bank, two days before the last date of the insurance application. In order to get crop insurance, all the indebted and indebted farmers must make available the latest photocopy of the Aadhaar card to the concerned bank or institution. In case the Aadhar card is not available, crop insurance will not be available.