INTERVIEW | Goans want Congress rule to return: Digambar Kamat ahead of 2022 polls

Express News Service

BENGALURUPANAJI: The BJP, which attempted to poach more Congress legislators for a more complete Operation Lotus in Goa, appears to have stalled its plan. The Congress, on its part, was seeking to take serious disciplinary action against its senior leader Digambar Kamat, who in a late night statement hit out at his party.

“I don’t know what crisis is going on in the Congress party. Today I saw his (Dinesh Gundu Rao) video and was shocked, surprised to see the way he was talking. If I wanted to take any action, I had a lot of opportunities in 2017 and 2022,” Kamat said.

“I stayed with the party in 2017, when we had a clear mandate, still the party didn’t ask me whether I can form the government, and we lost the opportunity. Now, this is the reward I get. They’re filing a disqualification petition against me for anti-party activities. I don’t understand what are anti-parties activities? The party should find out who is doing this. I worked for the party with sincerity. Congress has to do a lot of introspection as we are losing many elections, and leaders are leaving us.’’

Goa state incharge general secretary Dinesh Gundu Rao said, “The truth is out there. Every MLA in the Congress knows the truth. He was himself saying he had been humiliated, no one knows from what angle he was humiliated.’’

Congress’ pre-poll ally Goa Forward Party leader Vijay Sardesai said, “BJP has the support of 25 MLAs. They are determined to break up the opposition and eradicate all opposition in the assembly, so they can have autocracy. We are seeing an alliance of an aggressive BJP with a section of Congress that is determined to betray the will of the people. Let the people down when they need help. Half of Goa is is under floods, there is rising unemployment, rising prices, and they are choosing to do this now.’’  All this is happening when Goa assembly is in session. Sources said ‘Operation Kamal’ is not over, and some leaders are still trying to poach more Congress MLAs with plum offers.