By Express News Service

NEW DELHI: The CoWIN digital platform—the key to India’s Covid vaccination campaign—has now been enabled with a new feature “Know Your Vaccination Status” that will allow users to verify or retrieve their vaccination status or details.

The government said that the service could be utilized by a service provider such as private entities like travel agencies, offices, employers, entertainment agencies, or government agencies like IRCTC and offices for facilitating a service requested by the citizen.

A statement by the Union health ministry said that the service is being built to help citizens who may not have the vaccine certificate available in digital or paper form for availing a requested service and can support the service provider to verify the vaccination status or the digital record of inoculation.   

The service can be utilised by travel agencies and help make travel safe for individuals by allowing travel only for vaccinated individuals and employers can use this service to verify the vaccination status of employees and resume the functions in offices and workplaces.

The ministry claimed that this service will help in resuming and catalyzing the economic activities in the country by verifying a person’s Covid vaccination status without revealing the beneficiary’s protected health data.

The service may be enabled via open APIs or no-code webpage integration that CoWIN has created for private or government service providers to retrieve a person’s vaccination status.