Prime Minister Narendra Modi is delivering the inaugural address of the 95th annual plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) today via video conferencing.

PM’s address to India Inc comes at a crucial time for India due to multiple challenges, including contracting economy due to countrywide lockdown, Modi govt’s completion of one year of its second term in the office and ratings agency downgrade for India for the first time in 22 years.

Here are the important updates about from Modi’s ICC address:

1) Apart from Covid-19, India is also facing challenges from other areas such as locust swarms invasion, gas well explosion in Assam’s Tinsukia, Cyclone Amphan and minor tremors acros India.

2) Coronavirus would be turning point as India becomes self-reliant due to this crisis.

3) Aatamnirbhar lessons start at home. Time has come for India to become self-reliant.

4) It is high time India becomes vocal for local.

5) Every citizen of this country has resolved to turn this crisis into an opportunity. We have to make this a major turning point for India’s growth story. What is that turning point? A self-reliant India.

7) Indian farmers have got their true freedom due the recent reforms. They can go to any part of the country to sell their produce.

8) Industries will have think how they will turn Indian into a net exporter of products.

9) Indian are saving a total of ₹19,000 crore due to usage of LED bulbs. Carbon emissions have also reduced due to the same.