As Centre asks states to judiciously use oxygen, MP’s Khandwa Medical College model could be trendsetter

NEW DELHI: Ireland on Tuesday joined a growing list of countries helping India tide over the coronavirus crisis as it announced sending 700 oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies to the country.

The Irish embassy here said the oxygen concentrators are expected to reach India by Wednesday morning. “Ireland is sending 700 oxygen concentrators to India to help healthcare workers in providing timely aid to patients. The concentrators are expected to reach India by Wednesday early morning,” it said.

Irish ambassador Brendan Ward said Ireland is in close contact with the Indian government and that it is looking at more assistance to India in dealing with the pandemic.

“The situation in India is being followed closely in Ireland where there is now a large Indian community. Indian medical professionals are very important to our health system,” he said.

“We are pleased to be able to offer these oxygen concentrators now. We are in close contact with the Indian government and we are looking at what further assistance we could offer such as ventilators and other equipment,” the envoy said.

India is reeling under a devastating wave of coronavirus infections and hospitals across the country are facing acute shortage of beds, medical oxygen and other supplies due to rising COVID-19 cases.

The US, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Israel and several other countries as well as the World Health Organisation and the European Union have already announced urgent medical assistance to India to help it deal with the situation.

The Irish embassy said Ireland has also pledged to send ventilators to India and the the gesture of solidarity is a part of the European Union’s coordinated response to help the country overcome the surge in COVID-19 cases.

India director of IDA Ireland Tanaz Buhariwalla said the Irish government is happy to support India in its fight against the pandemic.

“India and Ireland have a strong relationship spanning decades. We are happy that during these difficult times, the Irish government has extended an arm to support our war against COVID 19 and aid the healthcare workers,” Buhariwalla said. IDA Ireland focuses on encouraging investment into Ireland by foreign-owned companies.