The only way to avoid coronavirus is to proceed with caution. From getting out of the house to coming home, we need to know what we have to do and how to deal with this virus? Now slowly, people are taking steps like their normal routine. In such a situation, our responsibility is increased that extreme care is taken.We need to be careful and cautious in view of the ever increasing cases of corona. There are some of us who are still avoiding going to the crowded areas, while some people have started coming out. If you too are going to a mall or a crowded place then you need to take care of some things. We are telling you in this article that if you are going to the mall, then what are the things that you need to take special care of? Let’s know.

On entering the mall we first get parking. When you park a car, there are personnel who come in contact with many people. In such a situation, you have to take care that they have used masks and gloves. If employees in the parking lot are without masks and gloves, do not let them touch the car.During entry in the mall, take care not to enter the mall without thermal scanning.
Avoid physical touch in the mall. Do not enter without masks and gloves. Take care that you have to use masks and gloves.
When you enter the mall and if you are queuing, then you have to take care that you have to maintain proper distance from the people in the queue. Take care of this every moment.You also have to use escalators and elevators carefully. When using an escalator, you have to stand and leave a step. Take care that you wear gloves, because if you touch the strip of the escalator, it becomes very important to wear gloves, so do not touch them without gloves.
Keep the tissue in your hands while using the lift. Use the tissue while pressing the lift button and then dispose it.Follow the social distancing in the lift. Stand where the distancing mark is made.
What to take care of while using the restroom in the mall?
Most important, if you do not avoid going to the toilet in the mall, then it is better.
Even if you use the toilet, you have to keep the tissue in your hands and with these help to open and close the toilet gate.After handwashing after using the toilet, you also have to sanitize your hands with your own sanitizer.