There is a possibility of a corona drug being prepared by CSIR before the corona vaccine, the drug named MW has completed two-phase clinical trials and the drug regulator has approved the Phase III trials.

CSIR Senior Scientist Dr. Ram Vishwakarma said that the results of the two phases have been encouraging, which were placed before the drug regulator. After this, the approval for the third phase has been granted. The tests will be started soon on about 300 people in the country. Preparations for these tests are being started in select hospitals including AIIMS, Apollo. If the Phase III trials are successful, the drug will also be on the market in the first quarter of next year.

They reported that the drug would serve as immuno-therapy, which could be given to the patient under treatment and to a healthy person for survival. In the second phase of testing, it has been seen that the patients are getting better soon after taking it. The virus load in them is rapidly decreasing.

He said the Phase III trials would take place in select hospitals including AIIMS. Phase II trials were conducted on 42 patients, but Phase III trials would be conducted on 300 people. This drug is already being used in leprosy. CSIR has ripped it for Corona. Mycobacterium WW produces immunity against external infection in the body.