The global tourism industry has completely collapsed due to the corona virus epidemic. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutarares said on Tuesday that the tourism industry has lost $ 320 billion in exports in the first five months of this year due to the epidemic. With this, he said that 120 million jobs in the tourism industry are in danger. Gutares said in the video address that tourism is the third largest export sector of the global economy after fuel and chemicals. Its share in global trade was seven percent in 2019. 

The UN chief said that one in every 10 people on earth has got employment in this area. He said that this region not only helps the economies to grow, but through this people get an opportunity to know the culture of the world and enjoy the natural beauty. Through this, people get a chance to know each other. Gutares said that in the first five months of 2020, the international tourist movement has decreased by more than 50 percent due to the epidemic. The income of the region has been badly affected. 

Gutarais said that this is a ‘big shock’ for rich developed countries, but for developing countries it is a ‘state of emergency’. These include many small island developing countries and African countries. He said that the share of tourism in the gross domestic product (GDP) of some countries is more than 20 percent.