The most devastating corona virus in India has been seen in Maharashtra and its figures are making a terrible record every day. Maharashtra has also outpaced Peru, the fifth most affected country in the world in Corona cases, which is quite worrisome. A record 17433 new cases of corona were registered in Maharashtra on Wednesday, raising the corona figure to 8,25,739 in the state. This figure of the corona virus is also higher than Peru, the fifth most affected country in the world.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of Covid-19 cases in Peru is 6,52,037 and the next name on the list is Russia, with 10,05,000 corona cases. If the pace of Corona in Maharashtra continues to increase in such a terrible way, then it will also leave Russia behind.  

On August 29, the maximum number of 16,867 corona cases were registered in Maharashtra in one day. Maharashtra took 51 days to reach the two lakh mark of the Corona case, while on March 9, when the first Corona case came to light, 126 days later, on July 12, it crossed the one lakh mark. 

The number of corona cases in Maharashtra is also 22 percent of the total number of Covid-19 cases in India. The state has been leading in cases of Kovid-19 since the early days of the outbreak of Corona infection in the country. Significantly, 292 people died in the state on Wednesday, bringing the figure to 25,195. 

Explain that the death rate of corona virus in Maharashtra is 3.5, while its rate in India is around 1.7. In Mumbai alone, more than 7 thousand people have died due to corona virus and 1,48,569 corona cases have been found here.