Under the ambitious Narva Development Plan of the state government, 94 thousand 331 ground water promotion structures have been constructed in Jaitarni Nala under Marwahi forest division of Gorela-Pendra-Marwahi district at a cost of Rs 5 crore. This construction has been done in the forest area Khodri with the sanctioned amount in the annual action plan 2019-20 of Campa item. On January 6, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will also inaugurate various newly constructed structures in Jaitarni Nala during his stay at Gorela-Pendra-Marwahi district.
In this regard, Chief Executive Officer Campa Shri V.V. Srinivasa Rao informed that 94 thousand 331 ground water magnification related structures have been constructed in Jaitarni Nala of Marwahi forest division under Campa item with an amount of Rs. 5 crore. These include 130 street plugs for a cost of Rs 2 lakh 83 thousand, 91 thousand 977 contour trenches worth Rs 1 crore, 817 brushwood check dams from Rs 4 lakh 73 thousand and 1 thousand 311 loose boulder checks at a cost of Rs 46 lakh 64 thousand. Construction of the dame is included. Similarly, 31 CCTs at a cost of Rs 44 lakhs, 31 grabions from Rs 68 lakhs, 11 percolation tanks from Rs 8 lakhs, 3 stop dams from Rs 1 crore 21 lakhs and 20 from a cost amount of Rs 32 lakhs. The Contour Bund is constructed. 12 villages of Vananchal region will benefit from their construction. Besides, farmers will get the benefit of additional irrigation facility in 312 acres of area.