By adopting cheap, traditional and unique tricks of crop protection, Chhattisgarh has shown a cult and many kaja proverbs. Every year a large quantity of paddy purchased in the collection centers was spoiled due to moisture, rain, hail, rats and termites, while this time special pucca platforms were built in these centers to prevent this damage is. These platforms have been constructed under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme during the Corona-period. This also created employment opportunities on a large scale.

On the initiative of Bhupesh Baghel, this new system has been made in Chhattisgarh to protect the paddy purchased from farmers this year. A total of 7606 platforms have been constructed in all the districts. The state government has purchased a record paddy worth more than 93 lakh metric tons this year. Since Chhattisgarh became a separate state, it has purchased most of the paddy from farmers. It is also a big challenge to preserve such a large amount of paddy purchased. Large number of pucca platforms made this year in paddy collection centers are helping to keep them safe.