Constitution Day program held at Raj Bhavan law and constitutional experts discussed in detail the features of the Indian Constitution and provisions. He is able to deal with every situation the Indian Constitution. Program pre-judge the chief guest Chhattisgarh High Court and chief ombudsman of Chhattisgarh t. P. Sharma made reading of the Preamble. They pledge to comply with the provisions of the Constitution, the people present at the event also administered. Chancellor of Hidayatullah National Law University Program Justice CB Vajpayee, Chhattisgarh fees regulatory committee chairman and Chhattisgarh High Court of Justice Anil Shukla, state president of the Human Rights Commission Mr. Mahendrapal Singhal, principal secretary of the Department of State for Law ruled Sri Ravi Shankar Sharma, Indira Gandhi, Dr. Chancellor of Agricultural University. s. A. Patil, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University Vice-Chancellor Mr. Keshreelal Verma and the king’s Legal Advisor Mr. N. A. Lunar dynasty were also present on the occasion.
Chief Guest Mr. TP Sharma has said in his address that the Constitution we together all Indians their own and adopted it. He said that job alerts experience in every person’s life. Constitution is built on the land of slavery experiences. Our ancestors who suffered terribly in the round of subordination, they have been producing Constitution remain relevant at all times to remove. Mr. Sharma said that every family, village, requires method to run the state and country. Like India needs the Constitution went out of the law to every side. Freedom, equality, fundamental rights, it went even arrange with security with the fundamental duty. The provision of secularism in the Constitution. It is inherent reason not to equal respect for all religions and discrimination against any religion.
Mr. Sharma said that the Constitution is complete in all respects. It is also flexible with the constitution rigid. The provisions of the amendment as required by the Constitution. In view of this it is flexible. Due to this feature is useful. The objectives were to build the Constitution, they all aim to complete the constitution. Created on the basis of the conditions before the country’s independence, the Constitution would also be useful in the future. He also defines the behavior of the Indian Constitution. Aside from the provision of the right to freedom and equality, while providing control over the wayward behavior of other citizens for common citizens. Mr. Sharma said Dr. president of Constitution-making committee. BR Ambedkar every person of faith to the country. Mr. Sharma appealed to all people congratulated and Happy Constitution Day to comply with the provisions of the Constitution.
Governor Shri Surendra Kumar Jaiswal said in welcoming remarks that our Constitution represents the diversity of the country and unites the country. Many religions of our country to maintain intact the country between dialects, languages ​​and cultures of the Constitution has proved completely successful. Commit on Constitution Day that we will help you to respect in all circumstances with the provisions of the Constitution and apply it.
Dr. Chancellor KushabhauThakre Journalism and Mass Communication University. Singh Parmar said that freedom, equality, justice and every person constitution-like texts of brotherhood should be kept in your home should read, and understand. He has built this Constitution vision. It covers the characteristics of the constitutions of various countries. Since different types of freedoms went to the common citizens also ruled countries and territories to date, the administration is going according to the provisions of the Constitution. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right is typical of the Constitution. Freedom of expression is important for the individual all-round development. Our country’s Constitution is the supreme law.
Hidayatullah Mr. Navneet Rana Roy National Law University spoke on the relevance of the Indian Constitution ‘zeitgeist’ theme. He dwelt at length on the historical background, the Constitution of construction Constitution objectives, characteristics and provisions. Mr. Roy said that was a complete success with the Constitution in order to successfully face every challenge. Hidayatullah National Law University, Ms. Aditi Singh highlighted the objectives of the Constitution Day. He said that the Constitution is similar to mirror the citizens, whom we see and trim yourself. Freedom of citizens, equality, justice and the Constitution for the unity of the country and the integrity is built. For the people in the Constitution has ensured social and economic justice.
Constitution Day went held debates, speeches, posters and rangoli competition for students of various colleges. Contest winners were rewarded a certificate program at the Raj Bhavan. King of Deputy Secretary Mrs. Roktima Yadav gratitude performed.