In case of accident and premature death, there is a provision to provide financial amount to the kin of the deceased. In the same case, Rs. 36 lakh was distributed to the dependents of the deceased. District Collector Shri Pushpendra Meena has sanctioned assistance and grant money due to natural calamities and accidents in exercise of the rights conferred under the revised provisions of Revenue Book Circular 6-4. In which on 08.10.2020, Ganeshwari, husband Late. Ramprasad age 42 years village Narana tehsil Keshkal, dated 28.10.2020, Shaurya father Rishikesh, age 03 years village Anandbeda tehsil Keshkal, date 08.09.2020, Ku Chhaya father Chaitram, age 08 years village Ingra, Tehsil makkar, dated 31.10.2020 Dulmabai Husband self Ghasiaram age 47 years Village Chichadi Tehsil Farsgaon, dated 19.12.2020, Smt. Kollu age 58 years Village Baddongar Tehsil Farsgaon District Kondagaon died due to drowning and dated 24.06.2020 Phoolmati, father self. Sukman Age 50 years Village Hungwa Tehsil Kondagaon, Dinank 26.08.2020 Bijebai Pati Sataru Age 55 years Village Kanga Tehsil Kondagaon, Date 03.09.2020 Satarobai Pati Ramadhar Korram Urm 60 years Village Mardapal Tehsil Kondagaon, Date 10.09.2020 Lakhanlal Father Manbodh Age 51 The year village Peerhapala tehsil, Makkari district, Kondagaon died of snake bite and financial aid grant of Rs. Four lakh has been sanctioned to his victim’s family. Assistance will be provided to the concerned through sub-divisional officer (revenue) Kondagaon through check, bank draft.
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