Chief Minister. State under the highest priority state communications revolution plan Raman Singh have been given eight million people a free smart phone so far. Dr. Singh’s leadership in tomorrow’s starting five in September a state firm Development Tour will be distributed smart phones are also beneficiaries of the various programs. Handset smart phones are being offered under the scheme is fully secure and versatile in all parameters.
 The state government’s information technology department of the institution Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Chief Executive Officer of the Society (chips) Mr. Alex for following the Menon said today that running smart phone distribution smoothly. Smartphone in rural areas are currently being distributed. Pupils state college level their distribution will be September 23. He had received complaints chips bursts phones are being distributed under the communications revolution plan. Was conducted to check the national phone complaint by chips and batteries and international standards compliant independent. India recognized by the government Ukar.ask Products and Testing Lab, was found in tests by Gurgaon that no abnormality such as any kind of batteries smartphone.
 He complained that the smart phone has been charged for several hours, call placed to several hours at a temperature of 70 degrees. It was also seen using smart phones after complaints. All phones are working properly. Mr. Menon said that mobile companies are to be sold in the market 30 million handsets this type in the country. These phones 30 million Handsets have received no complaints of bursts.