Dharmesh Kumar Sahu visited a multi-activity center developed for women self-help groups in the dependent village Gulumkodo of Kudhargaon, the village panchayat in Narayanpur district. During this time, he saw the chappals being prepared by the women self help groups, and was appreciated. Collector Shri Sahu purchased the slippers made by him to encourage the women of the group. He discussed with the women working in the Multi Activity Center about their work, market demand, availability of material, etc. and explained how to work diligently. Giving information to the Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Mr. Rahul Dev said that with the aim of making the rural women economically capable of governance, women of self-help groups have been trained in sandal making, sewing and processing. Now the women of Kudhargaon group will join all these works and will strengthen their economic status through this multi-activity center. He informed that in this multi-activity center, slippers will be made, sewing and processing of eamli will be done, eamali chapati will be made from eamli.
Collector Shri Sahu visited Bhatpal Gauthan during his stay and participated in the puja being held at Devguri located there. During this time he interacted with women and Devguri priests of the self-help group present there. He instructed the members of the Gauthan committee to make Gauthan more organized and beautiful. Collector Shri Sahu also held discussions with the villagers of Chheribeda, villagers demanded construction of roads and culverts. On which the Collector took quick action and directed the Chief Executive Officer Janpad Panchayat Narayanpur to construct a two and a half kilometer second class road from Chheribeda to Khargaon, a 6 meter span bridge and a three and a half meter span bridge.
Collector Mr. Sahu reached Eklavya Residential School in Chheribeda. Observed the necessary facilities of the children living in the school. During this, he directed the Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development to make arrangements for internet for better education of children in the school. On this occasion, Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Shri A.C. Burman, Chief Executive Officer Janpad Panchayat Narayanpur Shri Ghanshyam Jangade and other officers and employees were present.