Collector Mr. Doman Singh reached the vaccine store room of Chief Medical and Health Officer office today to see the safekeeping of the first batch of Kovid-19 vaccine which reached the district headquarters Mahasamund yesterday. Dr. Ravi Mittal, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, was with him. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. N.K. Mandpe said that 5490 doses have been received in the first batch. The vaccine dose is preserved in 2 to 8 degree temperature in the district level cold storage here. Dr. Mandpe informed that health workers, Mitannin and Anganwadi workers will be vaccinated first. Collector Mr. Singh said that security guards should be arranged at the main entrance of the vaccination room. He directed the Chief Medical and Health Officer to follow all ideal protocols for the vaccine. Collector Mr. Doman Singh said that on January 16, block-wise list of all those who are to be vaccinated for Kovid-19 vaccine should be provided to Dr. Mittal by this evening. He said that the vaccination campaign is to be started in the district on the 16th of this month. In the first phase, community health centers including district hospital Mahasamund will be set up at Saraipali and Pithora. Ensure that the vaccine dose reaches these three places safely. Take information about all the necessary arrangements at these centers. Further, all necessary and necessary arrangements should also be ensured for the vaccine to be applied at the remaining 33 centers.