Collector Shri Bhim Singh yesterday along with Superintendent of Police Shri Santosh Kumar Singh inspected the Gothans of village panchayat Tarna, Kansara and Pusalda of Pusaur area and purchased dung and took stock of the present condition of prepared vermi fertilizer. In Tarna Gothan, officials said that 8 thousand and 3 thousand vegetables worth Rs 11 thousand have been sold by two different women self-help groups. There are a total of 266 animals in this village, out of which 80 to 90 animals come to Gothan every day. The process of preparing vermi compost has started here, soon this plant will be self-sufficient. Collector Mr. Singh instructed to provide Rs. 50 thousand for the construction of sanitary pads to women self-help groups in Tarna. At Gothan in Kansara, the officials informed that by October 31, the cow dung purchased has been put in the vermi pit, which will be available for sale in the first week of January as vermi manure. Collector Mr. Singh said that in each of the Gothanas, such planning should be done that the cow dung up to one month ago should be put in the Vermi Pit. If vermis pits are falling short, then make proposals to prepare more and also prepare vermi compost in the waterproof kit provided by the Department of Agriculture, he instructed to provide compost from the gothan as per the requirement of local farmers when vermi compost is available. And said that no person has to go round the committees to buy vermicompost. The entire process of selling fertilizer should be available in Gothan through the app.