Under the guidance of Collector Korea Shri SN Rathore, fast work is being done to make vermi compost in Gothan. Construction of compost in Vermi stitches is progressing with the purchase of cow dung in all the 135 Gothanas constructed in the first and second phase in the district. In this work, women of self-help groups engaged in Gothanay are working continuously. On the direction of continuous inspection by Collector Korea Rathore for better implementation of the Godhan Nyaya Yojana, the District Panchayat CEO conducted a surprise inspection of more than half a dozen Gram Panchayats under Baikunthpur Janpad Panchayat last day. During this, instructions were given to the Secretary of two Gram Panchayats and one Rural Agricultural Development Extension Officer to issue a show cause notice, which was found to be negligent. During his surprise inspection tour, the District Panchayat CEO inspected the Gothan of the Gram Panchayat Junapara. During a discussion with the women self help group of women in Junapara Gauthan, they inquired about the progress of cow dung and the vermi compost being made. Talking to the women self-help groups here, she said that the participation of women is the most important for the successful implementation of the Godhan Nyaya Yojana. The women who are associated with the scheme through the group will get good financial benefits as soon as the worm compost starts. By making and selling Vermi Kapost soon, the group will get good financial benefit and you will be able to get all the financial support.
In order to make the dung that has been purchased so far as quickly as vermicompost, he explained the technical staff present here to make alternative vermicelli beds. Instructing the officers of the Agriculture Department, he said that the cow dung must be decomposed before putting it in the vermis bed. Also, make sure to arrange shade in beds being made in the ground with protection from ants etc. During the inspection tour, inspecting the SHG shed work being built at Umjhar, Gram Panchayat, he directed to complete it soon. He said that we should assess the quantity of earthworms for making compost along with the vermicelli beds so that the work of composting can start soon.