Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to increase the number of beds in all government non-government hospitals, in order to curb the figures of the ever-increasing corona in the state and improve the medical system. The Yogi government is committed to ensure that there is no shortage of resources to deal with the corona in the most populous Uttar Pradesh. The state government has tightened its back to ensure that people do not face hardship during the Corona period. 278 ICU beds will be increased in specialized medical institutions with government, private hospitals in the state. All the medicines used in the state for corona infection are available in sufficient quantity.

The Food and Drug Administration Department clamped down on arbitrators during the Corona period. Under the Drugs Act, nine cases were filed on arbitrariness in the sale of drugs and 23 people were arrested and seized material worth Rs 85 lakh 18 thousand 855. Apart from this, under the Essential Commodities Act, 15 cases were registered in the state on illegal business related to mask hand sanitizer and oxygen.

To tackle the global epidemic Kovid-19 in the state, the system of drug-bound oxygen was ensured by strengthening the system. Due to the start of construction units, there will be no shortage of resources in the state.