Shri Baghel has written a letter in Chhattisgarhi addressed to the rural farmers activists.

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Shri Bhupesh Baghel appreciated the farmers, rural workers and women workers in Chhattisgarhi language. Shri Baghel, while respecting the rural workers, wrote that you are working hard for your parents and family welfare in the village, I believe Chhattisgarh will soon be the leading state. And here the problem of malnutrition will end. I am overwhelmed by your hard work. It does not have any value. My government is striving to honor you. For this, I have increased your honorarium since 1 July 2019. After this the government will endeavor to overcome your difficulties. You are changing the picture of the village with the efforts of people. And your support needs will be required to prevent malnutrition and diseases like Niroghadham from Balrampur to Sukma district.

It is impossible for you not to make Chhattisgarh free from malnutrition. I request you to awaken the goodwill in Chhattisgarh and make the health and well-being of all the mothers and brothers of Chhattisgarh. I wish you a bright future for all people.