Raipur, On 55th death anniversary of the country’s first Prime Minister, Bharat Ratna Pt. Jawahar Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel pay homage to him. He obliged the state and the country to remembered with respect and salute regards Pt. Nehru from 2 million to 80 million people in the state and pay homage.
 Mr. Baghel have this opportunity address the people of the state through the radio. In his message, Chief Minister interviewed by the historic speech ‘Destiny to the August 15, 1947, independence of the country in the Central Hall of Parliament mentioned.  He said that in the 20th century, India had several gems of the world, who played a key role in rebuilding the country to awaken the imagination of democracy in the world. The first name is Mahatma Gandhi and the other name Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Conflicts with Nehru, discarded and persons that sacrifices are settled in the minds of the masses. He remembered to actually enter such should remember the ancestors, the indelible mark of their personality and the writing is not marked only the hearts and minds of the Indians, but as a shining star in the democratic world in history.
 He said that Pt. Nehru was the son of noted barrister and his studies with best institutions. If you want to be rich could life has passed, but India’s independence, he was targeted for his life and leave all amenities for it, plunged into the battle of hand-spun cloth wearing independence. During the struggle for freedom they are under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi and bucking their movement became political heir of Gandhi.  He said that Pt. May not know who to question Nehru’s contribution during the freedom struggle they are in jail for more than nine years. Today there is no need to remember them because they were the first prime minister or whether they continued to be prime minister for 17 years. Today, therefore they need to remember that they do us proud that it was India.
 Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was thinking a whole. They were worshipers of Indian culture. “Religion, he between spirituality, science and logic had made amazing coordination. Culture, save religion and spirituality, they wanted to go ahead with the scientific India. In 1947 the British leave India did not imagine that anyone in the world about this country to stand back on its feet. Two hundred years of incised Pt different country after slavery. Nehru started to build with concrete action plans.

 He made his credo of democracy for the country’s development. Starting from zero, even large dams, irrigation projects, power and fertilizer factories, steel mills, heavy industry, the development of rail, aviation sectors and the great beauty that made all the institutions established in rather public sector in private sector went. He school, colleges and a network of universities, research centers, medical and engineering colleges, hospitals etc. institutions were not only coined the future of India, but large-scale employment of new generation came out of the struggle for freedom.
 Nuclear Research Institute in 1953 in the country, All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 1956, 1961 went to IIT and the beginning of space research in 1962. Today that India was 104 satellite one creates history set in space with the thinking of Nehru in his foundation. For the development of physical infrastructure such as the social infrastructure, roads, electricity, water, railway, aviation can not be forgotten their contribution.
 He said that the Bhilai Steel Plant has a unique gift of Pt. Nehru Chhattisgarh. The institute ‘Nehru model is an example of the industrialization of how this steel not only create, but were also made lives. As scholars around the world that if Nehru, the prime minister would not they are well-known author, philosopher and thinker in the world. She has two books ‘glimpse of world history’ and ‘Discovery of India’ is living proof.
 He said imagine segue India divided into small states as a single country of the Nehru and together with its exclusive partner Vallabhbhai Patel put it implementation. Then emphasize nationalism after independence was going on, he talked about Antrrashtrwad and people were warned that nationalism that would narrow it will become a threat and warning Nehru is proving to be correct.
 He said that expose the lies are being spread over Kashmir must now youth and intellectuals. It would not Nehru if that is recorded indelibly in the fact that history is not only part of Kashmir, India. He also said that Pt. Serves many illusions about Nehru and Netaji Subhash Bose Channdra. The fact that Nehru their exclusive partner and friend. It is also untrue that Pt. Nehru was responsible for partition of India and Pakistan. The truth is that when Nehru was preparing blue print for a progressive India, some were made within the framework of the partition of India along religious lines.
 Mr. Baghel said that the Karachi Congress session in 1931 he went to have imagined India upon which we are proud. In the same session went to lay the foundation of the Constitution. They were aware of the fine threat of communalism. So they were talking constantly secularism. He also clarified that the sense of secular religion devoid but respect every religion and sect. He talked about the high values.
 Pt. Nehru children wanted to enable the wanted precursor to building of modern India, the new generation of knowledge and skills. They wanted to change the country’s scientific and off Pongapnth and conservatism India. He had laid the foundation, elevated him getting up India’s building.  He said that Pt. Nehru was a man of tremendous personality, whose death today because of the actions of India is a world power. Bharat Ratna and break a great confusion being spread about the spirit we have a common duty. That is meaningful way to acknowledge their gratitude and their habits, our true tribute.